Educational Furniture specializes in the sale of classroom furniture, office furniture, supplies, specialty items and equipment to schools, offices, and more.

We fulfill orders ranging from a dozen chairs, enough furniture to fill an entire classroom, or complete new shelving for a library. For large orders, we offer project management to ensure that you make the most of your furniture and equipment.

Our locations in Central Indiana and Ohio allow us to serve customers throughout the Midwest.

Project Management

We want to help you maximize the use of your space, and the furniture with which you fill that space.

For customers who order one or more classrooms worth of furniture, we offer project management. By providing us specifics about your space (blueprints, the number of students who will occupy the room at one time, et cetera) we can help you plan your design so the furniture layout works well with the space around it. Contact a furniture specialist for more details to help get your project started!


Our number one goal is the safety of your students, staff, and guests.

 Our technicians will look over every piece of your equipment to check for any concerns or needs for repairs with a warranty and full report. We have installed wooden, metal, and hard plastic bleacher seating, as well as plastic, wood, and glass backboards. We are familiar with the technology involved with any motor-powered bleacher or basketball goal system which gives us the ability to repair any issues you may be having or recommend what could help your system run the most efficiently. We have installed bumper pads as well as divider curtains. Contact us for more details on how to get an inspection or repair scheduled for your school or facility!


Customer promise

Good customer service means helping our customers promptly and in a friendly manner. It’s essential to be able to handle issues for our customers and to do our best to ensure they are satisfied. Providing exceptional service is one of the most important things that differentiates our business from its competitors.

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