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TomKen Plastics

Great looking desk and cabinet install by our technicians. With a small work space and lots of paperwork and storage needed, this is the type of office equipment for you! If you are worried about your small office area, give us a call! We can help fit your needs!

Delta High School Office

If your work area is busy and you don’t have much space to store your paperwork, this is the perfect set-up for you! This staff member now has the storage space needed to get the job done! Great job to our hard working techs! Thank you Delta!

Charles A. Beard Office

Here’s a perfect example of a desk by interior concepts for someone who needs a lot of space! The over head cabinets lift and slide for easy access and are amazing to use in your office! We hope this give you more space and makes work a little more organized for you!

Whitinger & Company LLC

Here are some great before and after pictures at Whitinger & Company! What a modern, clean, and comfortable looking waiting area as well as an amazing looking reception desk! Our tech’s did some amazing work!  

Pettit Park Elementary School

Pettit Park Elementary is looking great. From new nurses station beds for the kids, to new tables and seating in lounges and meeting areas that are durable, modern, and comfortable for the staff and other visitors! We can meet the needs of different areas of your school or office from the many unique vendors we…

The Star Press

Our installation techs Greg, Dustin, and Ryan have set up the Star Press with some amazing work areas and meeting spaces. (I’m a little jealous of their view!) I think they are all set to keep bringing us the good news!

Mutual Bank

Here is a great new office set for our friends at Mutual Bank! Looking professional and comfortable, what a great combination!

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